Penguin Printable

I created these penguins for my Penguins and Polar Bears Storytime and then decided to get some extra use out of them by making them into a color matching activity board.  Here’s the penguin printable:Five penguins free printableClick Here for PrintableAfter printing and laminating the penguins, I decided to dress them up with some felt hats and scarves.

Five penguins free printable

Then I made each a matching felt fish.  Since these are going on a magnetic board, I cut a fish out of paper, laminated it, and then glued felt on top.  Tip: The best glue that I’ve ever found for felt is E6000 craft adhesive.

Penguin color matching activity

Here’s a template for the hats, scarves, and fish.
hat, scarf, fish template

I added magnets to the back of each penguin and fish and put them up on our activity board for play and matching fun!

Penguin color matching activity board

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