The Chocolate Chip Ghost Printable

Since it’s October, here’s a non-spooky, interactive story to tell this Halloween.  This is an adaptation of the book the Chocolate Chip Ghost by Meighan Peifer.

Chocolate Chip Ghost Story - Free Printable

It is a story about some little ghosts who should only eat things that are white, but when Mama leaves the house they get into some mischief.  They each try eating a food of a different color, and when they do they change colors themselves!  What will happen when Mama returns?  Will she be able to help them change back to ghostly white before Halloween?   Watch Artfelt’s YouTube video to hear a version of the story told out loud.

Since I love this story so much, I made a printable version.  I included six different colors of ghosts so you can choose which colors you want to use while telling the story.  I think using four or five makes it just the right length for a storytime audience.

You could also use the ghosts for a fun matching game, sorting activity, or as a craft.

Chocolate Chip Ghost Story - Free Printable

Click Here for Printable

To make these ghosts, I recommend printing them onto cardstock, cutting out, and then gluing one colorful ghost and one white ghost back-to-back on a popsicle stick.  You could also place a small piece of velcro on each side to use them on a flannel board if you prefer.

Either way, you want these ghosts to be able to flip over (and change color) as you tell the story.

Chocolate Chip Ghost Story - Free Printable

After you have told the story, you can play a memory game and ask your audience if they can remember what food each ghost ate.  “Do you remember what the little ghost ate that made her turn purple?  Grapes!  Right!”


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