Today’s theme is juicy, crunchy, yummy apples!

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INTRODUCE THEME: Today we’re going to talk about apples!  What color is an apple?  Did you know that apples aren’t just red….they can be yellow and green too.  What does an apple taste like?  Can you think of any foods made from apples?  (e.g. applesauce, apple pie, apple juice)

Have you ever been apple picking? Raise your hand!  Let’s pretend that we are going to pick some apples.  Reach up as high as you can, and pick a red and juicy apple off of a tree.  Now take a bite.  Mmm let’s take another bite.  Crunch, crunch, crunch . . .don’t for get to swallow . . .Gulp!

When you are finished eating an apple, you are left with the core.  The core is the tough center of the apple where the seeds are.

Red, Green, Yellow Apples for Apple Storytime

BOOK 1: Apples and Pumpkins by Anne Rockwell
After we pretended to pick and eat apples, we read this story about going apple picking.  Apples and Pumpkins is a wonderful seasonal book about a little girl who visits a nearby farm to pick apples and then pumpkins, which she later carves for Halloween.

Apples and Pumpkins by Anne Rockwell

FINGERPLAY: Way Up High in the Apple Tree
This is a nice, quick rhyme to get the wiggles out.  Repeat it a couple of times!

Way up high in the apple tree   (Stretch arms in air)
Two little apples smiled at me (Make two fists)
I shook that tree as hard as I could   (Shake arms in air)
And down came the apples   (Drop fists to floor)
Mmmmm, they were good!   (Rub tummy)

BOOK 2: Ned’s New Home by Kevin Tseng
A humorous, simple story that little ones will love.  This story is about a worm named Ned who lives a red apple.  When his home begins to rot, he has to search for a new place to live…but other fruit just doesn’t feel quite right.  Will Ned find his perfect house?

Ned's New Home by Kevin Tseng

FLANNEL SONG/CD: 5 Green Apples
From the CD Mainly Mother Goose by Sharon, Lois, and Bram

Farmer Brown had 5 green apples, hanging on the tree
He plucked one apple and he ate it hungrily,
Leaving 4 green apples, a-hangin’ on the tree.

…Continue counting down to 1 green apple…

Farmer Brown had 1 green apple, hanging on the tree
He plucked that apple and he gave it all to me,
Leaving no green apples, a-hangin’ on the  tree.

FLANNEL SONG/CD: "5 Green Apples" from the CD Mainly Mother Goose by Sharon, Lois, and Bram

Five Green Apples Flannel Board SongPattern for these green apples can be found on

I printed these apples onto cardstock and then we matched them as a group.  I held up two (different) apples and asked if they matched.  If the kids said “no,” I asked why they didn’t match.  Then I held up another apple and continued the process until we found a match.  Once we decided that two apples matched, I placed them on the flannel board next to each other.  The kids had great fun with this one and giggled at the wormy apples.

Apple Matching Free Printable from Sunflower StorytimeClick Here for Printable

BOOK 3: Apple Pie ABC by Alison Murray
This little dog really, really wants a piece of the fresh-out-of-the-oven apple pie.  Kids will get a kick out of his antics as he tries to get a taste of the scrumptious pie! (This is not your typical ABC book; it’s a great story to read aloud!)

Apple Pie ABC by Alison Murray

ACTIVITY: Apple Sorting
I cut a bunch of apples out of red, green, and yellow construction paper and scattered them around the room.  I placed three baskets – labeled red, green, and yellow – at the front of the room. The kids went “apple picking” and sorted the apples into the baskets according to color.

CLOSING SONG: Click here for Closing Songs

CRAFT: Cinnamon Apple Pies
How cute are these paper pies?  As an added sensory aspect, they even smell like apple pie!  Depending on the age of the children, this craft will require some adult help.  This can be encouraged by have an adult and child “bake” a pie together!

Inspiration for this craft came from Off The Shelf’s Painted and Stamped Apple Pie Craft and Homemade Speech’s Easy Apple Pie Craft Tutorial.

Apple Pie Craft from Sunflower Storytime


  • White paper plates
  • Brown, Red, Green, Yellow tissue paper
  • Strips of brown construction paper (if you want to make a lattice top)
  • Glue sticks
  • Cinnamon

Baking Instructions:

  1. “Roll out” your bottom crust.
    A white paper plate
  2. Fill it with apples of your choosing.
    Scrunch up a piece of red, green, or yellow tissue paper and glue it to center of plate.
  3. Make your top crust.
    I used a glue stick to cover mine with brown tissue paper and then trimmed around the edge.  
    Depending on the children’s ages, you could have them pre-covered or they might just need extra help with this step.
  4. Decide if you want a lattice top pie or a solid crust pie.
    For a lattice top, cut out of the center of top crust.  For a solid crust, cut out a “slice” of pie.
  5. Cover the apples with your top crust.
    Have an adult staple top crust to bottom crust.  For lattice top, glue strips of brown paper criss-cross over the top.
  6. Add a sprinkle of cinnamon.
    Spread a little bit of glue over the top crust and then lightly sprinkle with cinnamon.  Shake off excess.


BOOK: Ten Red Apples by Pat Hutchins
A very interactive book.  Children love making all of the farm animals noises that go along with the story.Ten Red Apples by Pat Hutchins

BOOK: Amelia Bedelia’s First Apple Pie by Herman Parish
This one’s a little bit long, but it’s a wonderful fall book filled with leaves and apple pie making! Amelia Bedelia is humorous as always.

Amelia Bedelia's First Apple Pie

BOOK: One Red Apple by Harriet Ziefert
I really love this sweet, beautiful book that follows the life cycle of an apple.  The artwork is gorgeous; this is one to sit with and savor each page.

One Red Apple

FLANNEL RHYME: Five Apples in a Basket
The humor in this rhyme will go over the children’s heads, but parents will surely get a laugh out of it!

The first apple in the basket was bright and shiny red.
The second apple in the basket said, “My, what a cozy bed!”
The third apple in the basket said, “Make room for me you pair!”
The fourth apple in the basket said, “Please move over there!”
The fifth apple in the basket said, “Oh dear, oh me, oh my!
This basket looks like a pastry–I think we’re in a pie!”

See instructions and the accompanying flannelboard at Library Village.

FLANNEL RHYME: Five Little Apples

Mr. Slinky Worm loooves to eat crunchy apples. I used a tree and five red apples on the flannel board as we chanted this rhyme.

Five little apples hanging in a tree,
Teasing Mr. Slinky Worm “You can’t eat me!”
Along comes Mr. Slinky Worm as quiet as can be. . .
And . . . CRUNCH!
(Repeat with 4, 3, 2, 1)

Credit: Silly Librarian

Five Little Apples Flannel Rhyme

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