Hero Day- Police

Summer Reading Program 2015

For grades K-5 we host Hero Days twice a week. We do fun activities and have a special guest from the community come and visit. This week was police! Here are a few activities…

Finger Prints

This was SO simple but the kids enjoyed it and thought it was super cool. Scribble hard with a pencil on white cardstock. Next, rub finger/thumb so it is covered with the lead. Press tape onto finger and then attach to cardstock. Magic!



CSI Library Scavenger Hunt

To go along with the police theme, we made up a scavenger hunt to catch library criminals! I told the group I came into work this morning to find a mess in the children’s room! Books were torn, toys were everywhere and library materials damaged. In order to find out who did it and where they were hiding in the library we had to complete the scavenger hunt.

I decided Cat in the Hat was the culprit and Winnie the Pooh was his accomplice. I wanted the scavenger hunt to be fun but also help kids learn about where to find materials in the library. The clues are below…

Cat in the Hat
1. 636.80  (These are all cat books)

2. Read Aloud Book, Author: Miller  (Title of the book is Whose Hat?)

3. Adult Non-Fiction, 813.54 Morgan (A biography book about Dr. Seuss)

Winnie the Pooh
1. Chapter Books, Mystery, Author: Obrist  (Title of the Book is Case of Missing Honey)

2. Easy Reader, Author, Capucilli  (Title of the book is Bear Hugs)

3. Children’s Movie, Disney (Title of the movie is Winnie the Pooh Springtime with Roo )

After determining the culprit and accomplice they had to return to Officer Mollie 🙂 for a secret envelope which gave the hiding location of the criminals. Winnie the Pooh and Cat in the Hat were hiding in our Kansas Room. Once the group found them they snapped a picture and reported back to the station. The group LOVED this! It was such a fun activity for all ages!

The Crime Scene:

The Clues

Picture1 Picture2
The Criminals Hiding!


Police Department

I highly recommend contacting your local police department or sheriff’s office to come on this day! The group loved seeing a real police officer! He talked with the group about a day on the job, how to stay safe, and brought his car for them to look in. They had a blast!

Police Hats & Badges

We made these crafts in storytime but had extra leftover for a few of the older kids to make!

Police Hat & Badge Template

Credit: First School

Happy Summer Reading!



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