Two Little Superheroes Rhyme

Two Little Superheroes Rhyme, Sunflower StorytimeWhile browsing for ideas for the CSLP 2015 Summer Library Program “Every Hero Has a Story,” I came across some adorable, printable superhero finger puppets from Hello Bee.  There are five different designs for the capes and all you have to do is print and cut!  Amazing!

Superhero Fingerpuppet Kit by hellobee

 Visit Hello Bee for the Superhero Template

I thought that they would work perfectly with a “Two Little Blackbirds” style fingerplay rhyme, so here is what I came up with:

Two Little Superheroes
Start the rhyme by holding up both of your index fingers (dressed as superheroes.)
When they “fly away,” hide hands behind back.
When they “come back,” bring hands out from behind back.

Two little superheroes,
Brave and true.

One wears yellow,
And the other wears blue.

Fly away yellow. (zip!)
Fly away blue. (zap!)

Come back yellow. (whoosh!)
Come back blue. (zoom!)

I think these guys will be getting some use this summer, so I decided to make them a little bit more durable and made a set out of stiffened felt using Hello Bee’s template. I hand-stitched the “neck” of the capes shut with a couple of stitches, then glued small googly eyes onto the masks.

Two Little Superheroes Rhyme and Fingerpuppets, Sunflower Storytime  
The backs of the capes got some generic superhero-esque emblems.

Two Little Superheroes Rhyme and Fingerpuppets, Sunflower StorytimeWhen you’re ready to use them, just use a small tape-ball (or glue dot) to hold the mask onto your finger. Don’t forget to give your superhero a nose, mouth, and some hair too!

Two Little Superheroes Rhyme and Fingerpuppets, Sunflower Storytime

Once you have them on, you won’t be able to stop them from zipping and zooming all over the place!


8 thoughts on “Two Little Superheroes Rhyme

  1. Those are great! Have you ever searched “printable” on Pinterest? There are some wonderful, well designed things there–everything from instructional materials to crafts and cards to home decor. Many are free to download. My teacher friends swear by Pinterest as a place to save ideas, search for inspiration, and explore what’s inspiring others.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! And yes, I love Pinterest and find so many great ideas there! Searching for printables is one of my favorite things 🙂 It’s amazing how much is out there.


  2. Thanks for your ideas. My son enjoys acting out stories when he is reading; especially superhero stories. Hence, I think that he will enjoy making superhero finger puppets. Any chance that we get to add a physical element to reading a story really helps my son to comprehend the information and retell the story.

    Your blog is comprehensive, engaging and just plain beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with our class!



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