Here’s an update from the archive:

We hadn’t had any snow here yet, but wouldn’t you know it – just a few days after this storytime… snowed!  I think our songs brought the snow to town!

OPENING SONG: The More We Get Together

BOOK 1: Sneezy the Snowman by Maureen Wright

This was the first time that I had been introduced to Sneezy the Snowman (at a coworkers suggestion I purchased this book.)  And boy, am I sure glad I met him!  This is a funny book, and one cannot help but love Sneezy.  Poor Sneezy the Snowman is cold….Brrrr!….and tries to warm himself up with hot cocoa, a hot tub, and a campfire.  You can imagine the results.  But his friends help him out and all is well in the end.

FINGERPLAY: Chubby Little Snowman

A chubby little snowman
Had a carrot nose  (Point to nose.)
Along came a bunny   (Hold up two fingers to make a bunny.)
And what do you suppose? (shrug shoulders)
That hungry little bunny (rub tummy)
Looking for his lunch (hand over eyes, looking)
Ate that little snowman’s nose   (Pretend to grab nose.)
Nibble nibble crunch!

FLANNEL BOARD: Five Little Snowmen
Printable 5 Little Snowmen (pdf)

Five little snowmen all in a row
Each with a hat (touch head)
And a big red bow.
Out came the sun (arms over head in a circle)
And it stayed all day
And one of those snowmen melted away.

But then the next day it snowed and snowed and snowed….
And, one snowman came back!  Then 2, 3, 4, 5…all five snowmen came back!


Click image to download printable snowmen (pdf)


ACTION SONG: I’m a Little Snowman
by Carole Peterson
from the album H.U.M
Carole Peterson’s songs always have great actions to go along with them.  In this one, the kids turn themselves into a giant snowman to the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot.”

BOOK 2: Mouse’s First Snow by Lauren Thompson

Another installment in Lauren Thompson’s seasonal “Mouse’s First” books.  This one is just as cute as all of the rest.  The simple text and lovely pictures make this a great choice for a read-aloud.  It’s always fun to ask, “Why do you think Mouse and Poppa are rolling those big snowballs?  What do you think they’re making?”  Of course, everyone says a snowman.  But it’s a surprise when they actually build a snow mouse!  (Even though there’s a picture of it on the front cover.)  🙂

DRAW AND TELL SONG: Frosty the Snowman by Raffi
I used this as a “draw-and-tell” story, and had everyone sing together as I illustrated the song (I drew a very simple snowman.)  Then we clapped out the “thumpety-thump” part.   It’s helpful to give adults a print out of the words, or project them, so that everyone can sing along.  Make sure to practice the timing of the drawing ahead of time!

Draw a Snowman

Frosty the Snowman, was a jolly happy soul,
With a corn cob pipe and a button nose, and two eyes made of coal. (Draw eyes, nose, and mouth)

Frosty the Snowman, is a fairytale, they say.
He was made of snow, but the children know he came to life one day. (Draw snowman body)

There must have been some magic in that old silk hat they found, (Draw hat)
For when they placed it on his head, he began to dance around! (Draw boots)

Oh, Frosty, the Snowman, was alive as he could be;
and the children say he could laugh and play,
just the same as you and me.

(Whistling break in the song.  Use it to catch up on your drawing and add some arms!)

Frosty the Snowman, knew the sun was hot that day, (Draw a sun)
so he said, “Let’s run, and we’ll have some fun now, before I melt away.”

Down to the village, with a broomstick in his hand, (Draw a broomstick)
Running here and there, all around the square,
sayin’, “Catch me if you can.”

He led them down the streets of town, right to the traffic cop;
and only paused a moment, when he heard him holler, “Stop!”

For Frosty, the Snowman, had to hurry on his way,
But he waved goodbye, sayin’ “Don’t you cry, I’ll be back again some day.”

Thumpety thump, thump, thumpety thump, thump, (Everyone claps to the beat)
look at Frosty go.
Thumpety thump, thump, thumpety thump, thump,
over the hills of snow.

BOOK 3: Snowmen At Night by Caralyn Beuhner
This is quite possibly my all-time favorite “snow” book.  Sometimes in the morning your snowman will look a little crooked or lopsided.  What happened to him?  You think he melted?  This book will tell you what really happened to your snowman.  He looks a little worn out because he’s be up all night ice skating, sledding, and have snowball fights!  Rhyming text, magical story, and bright & funny illustrations – an all around winner!

CLOSING SONG: We Wave Goodbye Like This

CRAFT: Puffy Paint Snowmen
This is a bit messy, but completely worth it!

Shaving cream
White Elmer’s Glue

Instructions: Mix equal parts shaving cream and elmer’s glue together.  Exact measuring is not necessary – If you hold up your spoon , the mixture should form stiff peaks.  This makes a homemade puffy paint and it will dry 3 dimensional.

We used it to paint snowmen this week.  Make sure to use sturdy paper (I used poster board cut into pieces, but cardstock would also work well).  Glue on a paper top hat, a nose and eyes and Frosty is complete.  (Note: just lay the nose and eyes over the puffy paint and they will stick.)


Do You Want to Build a Snowman song – from the album Frozen

Do You Want to Build a Snowman Flannelboard – from Piper Loves the Library

Pin the Carrot on Olaf – Free Printable

Build a Snowman Activity – Free Printable

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