OPENING SONG: Shakin’ Everywhere by Jim Gill
from the album Irrational Anthem & More Salutes to Nonsense

THEME:  Raccoons
Ask: “Have you ever seen a raccoon before?  What do they look like?” (Striped tails, looks like they’re wearing a mask)
Show: A picture of a raccoon from a non-fiction book
Ask: “Do we see raccoons during the day or during the night?”
Ask: “What do raccoons like to eat?”  (Talk about how they are scavengers and you might find them searching through your trash!)

BOOK 1: The Bear Who Shared by Catherine Rayner
This story is about a bear named Norris, a tasty fruit called a “plorringe,” and two other little critters – a raccoon named Tulip and a mouse named Violet.  They are all very interested in the soft, sweet-as-cotton candy plorringe hanging from the tree.  But Norris is wise and knows that something very special will soon happen under this tree.  A really sweet story about friendship and sharing.

I wasn’t sure about how this would go over in storytime, but the preschool kids actually really enjoyed it!  Apparently it’s only us adults that are thrown by the use of a made-up word for the piece of fruit.  I would definitely use this one again.

FINGERPLAY SONG: Raccoon Sitting in a Tree
Tune: Twinkle, Twinkle

Raccoon, raccoon, climbing a tree (make climbing motions)
Wearing a mask, you can’t fool me (hands circle eyes, then shake finger)
Hiding there so I can’t see (point to eyes)
What you’re doing in that tree (hands stretched over head like a tree)
Raccoon, raccoon, climbing a tree (make climbing motions)
Wearing a mask, you can’t fool me (hands circle eyes, then shake finger)

Credit: Mr. Anderson’s Puppet Tales

ACTION SONG: Raccoon and Possum by Dan Zanes & Elizabeth Mitchell  (mp3 download)
from the album Turn, Turn, Turn

I loved using this song!  We started out by clapping our hands, then patting our knees, then tapping our toes, then stomping our feet.  For the younger crowd, they skipped, turning in a circle – and then switched and turned the other way. (For older children you could have them link arms and skip.)  Then repeat the sequence a second time from the beginning!

BOOK 2:  The Kissing Hand OR The Kissing Hand App
(Available from iTunes & Google Play)

I was planning to use the app (and was all set to go!) but had technical difficulties this morning.  So, I decided to just tell the story and it turned out to be a great story to use for storytelling!  I started with “Chester raccoon stood at the edge of the forest and cried.”  And ended the story right after Mrs. Raccoon explains the Kissing Hand (just to shorten it up a bit.)  The kids loved it and were kissing their palms and their parents palms.  So sweet!  If you don’t have the book, and want to preview the story, Barnes and Noble has a reading of it posted on Youtube.

FLANNELBOARD: Kissing Hand Matching
This adorable flannelboard and rhyme is from Mollie’s ‘Hugs’ Storytime!

Chester the Raccoon
Really misses his mom.
So she gave him a kiss
In the middle of his palm.
The kiss helps him,
When they are apart.
Can you help him
Find the matching heart?

Kissing Hand

The Kissing Hand

Click the picture for the Template (pdf)

After talking about the Kissing Hand, I thought it would be appropriate for us to learn sign language for “I love you.”  I had the children hold up one hand, and count starting at their thumb.  Then we all put down our 3rd and 4th fingers to make the sign.  We practiced it a few times and talked about how we could tell someone we love them.

CLOSING SONG: Shake Your Sillies Out by Raffi

CRAFT:  Raccoon Printable Paper Craft
I didn’t do a craft this week, but I think this raccoon from Learn, Create, Love is adorable!  And she has a free printable template!


Little Owl’s Night by Divya Srinivasan

A Color Game for Chester Raccoon by Audrey Penn

The Troublemaker by Lauren Castillo

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