In the City

OPENING SONG:   Walking, Walking



All Through My Town by Jean Reidy Animals by Simms Taback by Anastasia Suen


The Seals on the Bus
The seals on the bus go arp, arp, arp
arp, arp, arp, arp, arp, arp
The seals on the bus go arp, arp, arp
All around the town.

The rabbits on the bus go up and down…
The snakes on the bus go hiss, hiss, hiss
The monkeys on the bus go eeh, eeh, eeh,
The tigers on the bus go roar, roar, roar
The geese on the bus go honk, honk, honk
The people on the bus go help, help, help!

Credit: Jbrary
YouTube Video: Jbrary City Kids: Seals on the Bus


Traffic Light
Green Says, “Go!”
Go! Go! Go!(march fast in place)
Yellow says, “Slow”
Slow… slow… slow… (march slow)
And Red says, “Stop!”
Stop Stop Stop!(freeze stop)

GO! GO! GO! (march fast)
Slow… slow… slow (march slow)
STOP!!! (stop)

Credit: Sturdy for Common Things


Drive the Fire Truck
from the Old Town School of Folk Music album Songs for Wiggleworms


Peekaboo Vehicles
Cost: Free!
Guess what vehicle it is by the sounds you hear it make!
Cover art

CLOSING RHYME: Tickle the Clouds

CLOSING SONG: Skinnamarink


City Skyline
I used black construction paper and gave the kids white crayons to color buildings, stars, and roads. I also had foam transportation stickers that they used to decorate their skyline pictures.



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