Color Exploration

For the third week of summer reading we are exploring colors with crafts, snacks & drinks, art, and experiments!


Sandpaper Art
Watch in amazement as the sandpaper drawing transfers to the white cardstock!

White Cardstock

Sandpaper (The finer the better- we used 150 & 180)

First, I cut the cardstock and sandpaper into quarter sheets so it would be easier for the kids to work with. Have them color directly onto the sandpaper (grain side). Make sure they color as hard as they can. Once design is completed, put the sandpaper crayon/picture side down onto white cardstock and iron right on top of sandpaper. The crayon wax will begin to melt onto the cardstock (you will be able to see this through the sandpaper). The ironing only takes about 30 seconds- 1 minute depending on the drawing. Make sure the cardstock is cool before letting children handle it.

Picture demonstration & instructions: Play at Home Mom




Magic Color Changing Drinks
These drinks will magically turn green, red, purple or blue! Even the easiest of experiments will excite the group! Add a drop of food coloring to the bottom of a clear, plastic cup and let it dry overnight. To disguise the dot you can add ice but they are still just as cool without 🙂 Fill the cup with Sprite or water and watch as it turns colors! We had Fizz, Boom, Read, robot erasers that we gave away as a prize for those who had the mystery color drink which was a dark brown or black (for those I put 2 drops of dark food dye). We ate fruit roll-ups with our colored drinks!




Colored Milk
Watch in awe as the milk slowly changes and expands colors!

Milk (2% or whole works the best)
Plate (high enough ridges so milk won’t spill out)
Dawn Dish Soap
Food Dye

Fill plate up with milk. Add one drop of each food color dye (red, green, yellow, blue) in the center. Place a drop of dish soap on the end of the Q-tip and place it in center of the milk. Watch as the colors expand in the milk!

Credit: Steve Spangler Science



Ice Chalk
This is a perfect hot, summer day activity! Everyone agreed that this was way better than regular chalk!

Ice cube trays
Corn Starch
Food Dye (I used Neon Food Coloring)
Zip-lock Bag

Mix equal parts water and cornstarch in a cup (I did 1 cup of each). Add in a desired amount of food dye – 5 to 8 drops. Mix dye, water, and cornstarch together in cup. Fill ice cube trays with mixture and let freeze. I made 4 trays of ice chalk (each filled with a different color). Pop out ice and store in Zip-lock freezer bag.

Credit: Growing a Jeweled Rose


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