Gross & Messy Storytime

This week’s theme for the summer reading program is GROSSOLOGY! In storytime we are reading smelly and funny books, learning about germs, and making slime!


My Monster Smells Gross by Nicky Lander
My Monster Smells Gross!There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Bugs by Johnette Downing
There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some BugsSmelly Bill by Daniel Postgate
Smelly BillI Stink! & I’m Dirty! by Kate and Jim McMullan
Picture1Track that Scat! by Lisa Morlock
A story about a girl and her dog who set on a hike, stepping in all different “scat” along the way! Very informative with great illustrations. However, this is a non-fiction book and is better suited for an older group. For a younger group you can blow up the pictures just to show the animals tracks and scat.
Track That Scat!


5 Clean and Dirty Pigs
I knew a rhyme about dirty pigs would be perfect for gross storytime! Leah made this one a few years ago and it has been a hit ever since! After printing the pigs (printable below), glue each clean pig to each dirty pig so that you can flip them over, and then laminate.  Use white velcro dots to use on a flannel board. Kids love it when you flip the clean pig over to the muddy pig!

Five little pigs rolled in the mud
(roll hands)
Squishy, squashy, felt so good.
The farmer took one piggy out.
‘Oink, Oink, oink,’ the pig did shout!
(turn pig over to clean side)

Continue with four, three, two, until…

No little pigs rolled in the mud.
They all looked so clean and good.
The farmer turned his back and then,
Those pigs rolled in the mud again.
(turn all pigs over to dirty side again)

Clean and Dirty Pigs - Sunflower Storytime

Printable Clean & Dirty Pigs

Credit: Flannel board inspiration from Mel’s Desk
Credit: Words from Rovingfiddlehead


The Littlest Worm by Twin Sisters from the album Gross Songs Kids Love to Sing
I’m Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee by Jennifer Ivester from the album Little Friends


Glitter Hands
This is a fun activity to do outside! Set up 3 buckets of water: 1 with cold water, 1 with warm water, and 1 with warm soapy water. Have the kids try to get the glitter off in each bucket. They will see that germs only come off with warm water and soap!

Germ Ball
The germ ball game shows how easily germs are spread. Cover yours hands in colored chalk to symbolize the germs from not washing your hands. Touch the ball, covering it with chalk and pass it around the circle. After everyone has touched the ball the children will show their hands, revealing all the germs that transferred!

Credit: DefeatDD


I originally tried the recipe that involved liquid starch and glue (no borax) but it turned out way too runny so I turned to the borax recipe. I followed instructions from the Steve Spangler website and it worked out great!

1 Tsp. Borax
1/2 cup warm water
8 oz. bottle of Elmer’s Glue
Mixing Bowl
Smaller mixing bowl
Zip-lock Bag
Food Dye (Optional)

  • Empty the entire bottle of glue into a mixing bowl. Fill the empty bottle with warm water and shake. Pour the glue-water mixture into the mixing bowl and mix well.
  • Add food coloring after mixing
  • Measure 1/2 cup of warm water into separate mixing bowl and add a teaspoon of Borax powder to the water. Stir the powder/water solution.
  • Slowly add a little of the Borax solution into the glue mixture while continuously mixing. You will start to feel the long strands glue and borax connecting.  Keep adding the Borax solution to the glue mixture (don’t stop mixing) until you get a perfect batch of slime!

Here is how mine turned out…

slime 2 slime


Painting with Mud
Leah did this activity in her MUD! storytime and it was a blast! Painting with mud is perfect for gross storytime 🙂 Mix some dirt, water and white glue, and then let the group have fun painting mud masterpieces!


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