This week’s theme for the summer reading program is Color Science! We even did a few color experiments 🙂


I Say, You Say Colors! by Tad Carpenter
Although this book is a bit small it has flaps that lift out making it bigger 🙂

Picture1Wow! Said the Owl by Tim Hopgood

Monsters Love Colors by Mike Austin


Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes by Eric Litwin
As an alternative to reading a book, you can show this Pete the Cat video! Pete is always a fan favorite 🙂

Video Link: Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes


Red, Red
Red, red is the color I see
If you’re wearing red, then show it to me
Stand up, take a bow, turn around
Show me your red and sit back on the ground

(Repeat with all the colors the children are wearing!)

Credit: Storytime Katie

Blue is the Lake, (point to the floor)
Yellow is the sun (point to the sky)
Silver are the stars when the day is done. (wiggle fingers in the air)
Red is the apple, (make circle with hands)
Green is the tree (raise arms over head like branches)
Brown is the cookie for you and me! (rub tummy)

Credit: Harris County Public Library


Red Light, Green Light!
For my older kids at storytime (preschool-kindergarten age) this was a fun game to play! I made big circle cut-outs in red, yellow, and green. Then I had the group begin at the starting line. When I held up green everyone yelled GO and walked as fast as they could. Yellow means walk veryyyyy slow. Red means STOP! The game ends when everyone makes it to the finish line. They had a blast playing this classic game!


Color Song by Parachute Express from the album Feel the Music


Leah made this a few summers ago and it was such a huge hit with the group I had to use it again! Instead of reading the book, White Rabbit’s Color Book, tell the story using red, yellow and blue pails,  and bunnies cut out of colored felt.  When little white rabbit hops in the sunshine yellow bucket, he comes out yellow! The children won’t know that you switched the bunnies in the pail – to them it will be magic!

STORY & INSTRUCTIONS for telling White Rabbit’s Color Book

RABBIT PATTERN to use with White Rabbit’s Color Book



Color Changing Milk!
This is a great activity for your preschool group! They will watch in awe as the milk slowly changes colors!

Milk (2% or whole works the best)
Plate (high enough ridges so milk won’t spill out)
Dawn Dish Soap
Food Dye

Fill plate up with milk. Add one drop of each food color dye (red, green, yellow, blue) in the center. Place a drop of dish soap on the end of the Q-tip and place it in center of the milk. Watch as the colors expand in the milk!

Credit: Steve Spangler Science

Color Changing Milk (Sunflower Storytime)Coloring Changing Milk (Sunflower Storytime)


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