This week’s theme for the summer reading program is Explosions & Eruptions! For storytime we learned all about volcanoes!


I had a tough time finding read aloud volcano books so if you have any ideas please let me know 🙂

 An Island Grows by Lola Schaefer

An Island GrowsThree Little Dinosaurs by Charles Fuge


Since I only read 2 books, I shared short video clips of volcanoes.. the kids loved it!

Volcano Lava
Credit: National Geographic Videos


Volcano Eruptions
Credit: National Geographic Videos


Volcano Erupting
Credit: Youtube



I am a Volcano!
I am a volcano ( squat down with hands around knees)
Hear me rumble! (wiggle around making rumbling noises)
The lava deep down in me,
Is beginning to bubble.
Something is going to happen,
Happen very soon!
I’m erupting with a
Big gigantic BOOM!!! (jump up and extend arms upward)

Credit: Storytime Themes

V is for Volcano
Big volcano, big volcano,
Getting hot, getting hot!
Now the lava’s coming,
Now the lava’s coming
Out the top! Out the top!

Credit: The Measured Mom


Volcano Juice by Brent Holmes from the album Island Tunes for Kids

Volcano Juice


Old Volcano
Sung to: “Frere Jacques”

(Sing Softly)
Old volcano, old volcano,
Is asleep, is asleep.
Sh, don’t wake him,
Sh, don’t wake him,
He’s asleep, he’s asleep

(Sing Loudly)
Old Volcano, old volcano,
Is awake, is awake.
Rumble, rumble, grumble.
Rumble, rumble, grumble,
He’s going to erupt!
He’s going to erupt!

Credit: Kinder Nature

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3


Ice Volcanoes:
Just a few ingredients are needed to make these fun ice volcanoes!

Baking Soda
Food Coloring

Using a muffin tin, fill each cup 1/3 full of baking soda and the rest with water. Add one drop of food dye and stir. The baking soda will mostly sink and stay at the bottom but that’s ok! Freeze overnight. To get ice volcanoes out of the tray run warm water on the bottom. They should pop out very easily! Store in freezer bag until ready to use. Using an eye dropper or small dixie cup pour vinegar over ice volcano and watch as it erupts! The fun thing about these volcanoes is that you can keep playing by adding more vinegar. The kids LOVED doing these outside!

Credit: Reading Confetti

a b

c e


One thought on “Volcanoes!

  1. My Mouth is a Volcano by Julia Cook uses a volcano as a metaphor for interrupting – though it would be a slightly different take on volcanoes it could work as a great story time behavior reinforcement!


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