The 5 Senses

Since Summer Reading is about to begin I wanted to share a few Fizz, Boom, Read storytime ideas! The 5 Senses is what we are starting off with this summer 🙂


Duck! Rabbit! by Amy Krouse Rosenthal
Baby Bear Sees Blue by Ashley Wolff

The Girl Who Heard Colors by Marie Harris
Five For a Little One by Chris Raschka
The Bear Went Over the Mountain by Iza Trapini


If All of the Raindrops and Head & Shoulders from the album Songs for Wiggleworms

When I Hear the Music by Nancy Stewart
Below are the lyrics to the song in case you want to chant it out instead. The Nancy Music website also has printable sheet music and an MP3 download of the song.

My hands like to clap, my hands like to clap
When I hear the music, my hands like to clap.

My toes like to tap, my toes like to tap
When I hear the music, my toes like to tap.

My head like to nod, my head likes to nod
When I hear the music, my head likes to nod.

My shoulders like to move, my shoulders like to move,
When I hear the music, my shoulders like to move.

My body likes to sway, my body likes to sway
When I hear the music, my body likes to sway. 

My shoulders like to move,
My head likes to nod,
My toes like to tap,
My hands like to clap!

Credit: Nancy Music


Touch Game
Touch your nose, touch your chin,
That’s the way this game begins.

Touch your eyes, touch your knees,
Now pretend you’re going to sneeze!

Touch your hair, touch one ear,
Touch your two little lips right here

Touch your elbows where they bend,
That’s the way this touch game ends!

Credit: CSLP 2014 Children’s Manual

Here are My Eyes
Here are my eyes, one and two,
I give a wink, so can you.

When they’re open, I see the light
When they’re closed, it’s dark as night.

I have a little body that belongs to me,
I have two ears to hear with and two eyes to see.
I have a nose for smelling, and a mouth to eat.
I have two hands to wave at everyone I meet!

Credit: CSLP 2014 Children’s Manual

Book Sense
There’s something stuck inside this book (Push flat hands together)
With a sniff my nose can look (Sniffing between hands)
Perhaps my ears can hear inside (Bring book to one ear and place ear where nose was, listen carefully)
From my eyes it can not hide (Bring hands back to face and open enough to cover eyes, move head from side to side)
Nothing here that I can see (Keep looking from side to side)
WAIT! (stop suddenly, straighten back)
The thing inside the books is – me! (Open book slowly and pause before the word “me”.)

Credit: Story Share

Five Senses
(tune: Where is Thumbkin)

Five senses, five senses
We have them. We have them.
Seeing, hearing, touching,
Tasting and smelling.
There are five, there are five.

Credit: Miss Megs Storytime


Parts of the Body
If it’s a bird you want to hear,
You have to listen with your… EARS!

If you want to dig in the sand,
Hold the shovel in your… HAND!

To see an airplane as it flies,
You must open up your… EYES!

To smell a violet or a rose,
You sniff the flower through your… NOSE!

When you walk across the street,
You use two things you call your… FEET!

East, west, north and south,
To eat or talk you use your… MOUTH!

Credit: Pierce County Library
Picture of flannel rhyme coming soon 🙂

STEM ACTIVITY: 5 Senses Stations

1. Colorful Lenses- Sight
Make colored lenses out of toilet paper rolls and cellophane. Easy and fun!

Credit: Teach Preschoold

2. Taste Test- Taste
Have small samples of food such as something salty, sweet, and sour. Ask the kids their favorite and least favorite! Be aware of any food allergies in the group.

3. Matching Sound Game- Hearing
Fill plastic easter eggs with objects such as pom poms, dried beans or pasta, pebbles, rice, marbles, etc. Set them in an egg carton and have the children match the eggs according to the sound they make!

Credit: A Mom with a Lesson Plan

4. Scented Jars- Smell
Use jars or small cups to put “scents” in.  I’m using vanilla, cinnamon, lemon, peppermint, and lavender oils for my scented jars. Leave cotton balls out so parents can dab a small amount for children to smell.
5. Sensory Steps
Make stepping stones out of different textures! The kids will love to walk all over these 🙂 I covered cork board with bubble wrap, felt, sandpaper, a plastic bag, and cotton balls. Anything fun would work!

Credit: Living Creatively


Happy Summer Reading!













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