Picnic Storytime




I opened up storytime by asking the group what we should bring on our picnic. We chanted the rhyme below as we packed up all of our picnic food. They loved playing with this cute picnic basket set! The Kidoozie Picture Perfect Picnic Kit can be found on Amazon.

Going on a picnic,
Gotta pack a lunch.
What should we bring to munch, munch, munch?

(Last Verse)
Ready for a picnic,
Ready with a lunch,
Now we’re ready to munch, munch, munch!

Credit: Harris County Public Library

BOOK 1: Ants at the Picnic: Counting by Tens by Michael Dahl

ACTION SONG: The Ants Go Marching by Cedarmont Kids
from the album 100 Sing-Along Songs for Kids

FLANNEL SONG: Going on a Picnic!
I played the song Going on a Picnic by Raffi and put up the flannel board pieces as we chanted along!

Song: Going on a Picnic from the album The Corner Grocery Store by Raffi


BOOK 2: We’re Going on a Picnic! by Pat Hutchins
Here are a few other titles that are perfect for picnic storytime 🙂

CLOSING RHYME: Tickle the Clouds

CLOSING SONG: Skinnamarink

CRAFT: Thumbprint Ants
I printed out picnic blanket coloring pages (made on a word document using line tool) and had the group color them first. Then using “kid-friendly” ink pads, they made ants using their thumbprints! I left out black colored pencils so they could draw feet and faces.

Picnic Blanket Coloring Sheet (pdf)


Here are some fun activities we played with during picnic storytime 🙂

Colorforms 3D Deluxe Play Set – Eric Carle Very Hungry Caterpillar

Melissa and Doug Wooden Sandwich Making Set

–Mollie   🙂


4 thoughts on “Picnic Storytime

  1. I love the idea of making the picnic blanket art. Do you have a copy of your word document you created that you could email me?


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