Football & Sports

Are you ready for some football!? This was such a fun storytime to do right before the Superbowl! Makes for a great family program as well 🙂



BOOK 1: Dino-Football by Lisa Wheeler

ACTION RHYME: This is the Way We…
This is the way we bounce the ball, bounce the ball, bounce the ball,
This is the way we bounce the ball,
when we play basket ball.

Kick the ball…
When we play soccer.

Hike the ball…
When we play football.

Twirl around..
When we do ballet

Swing the bat…
When we play baseball.

*Ask the kids, they always come up with great ideas!

Credit: Harris County Public Library (HCPL)

FLANNEL RHYME: Five Little Footballs
Five little footballs trying hard to score
1 makes a touchdown (remove one football)
Hear the crowd roar! (Cheer!)

Credit: Sturgis Kids

photo 1

SONG: Mickey Sports Songs album by Disney Records

BOOK 2: Clifford’s Sports Day by Norman Bridwell

CLOSING RHYME: Tickle the Clouds

CLOSING SONG: Skinnamarink

CRAFT: Football Helmets
Since we had snacks and games I kept the craft pretty simple! I printed off football helmets for the kids to decorate using crayons and sports foam stickers.

Football Helmet: Any Coloring

photo 3

Football Toss
We got this inflatable football player and the mini footballs from Oriental Trading. We’ve used it for numerous programs and the kids love it.
Inflatable Football Player
Mini Footballs

Pin the Football in the Goalpost

photo 1 (1)

Football Tattoos
These are also from Oriental Trading and have come in handy for many occasions 🙂
Football Face Tattoos


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