Opposites Storytime

Winter/Spring session of storytime has officially begun!



BOOK 1: Super Heroes Book of Opposites by David Bar Katz
Although this is a board book it worked out great! It’s bigger than a normal sized board book and is very interactive. The whole group stood up and did the “actions” while I read. The superheroes flew under and over buildings, reached high and low, and pushed and pulled!

This is big big big
This is small small small
This is short short short
This is tall tall tall
This is fast fast fast
This is slow slow slow
This is yes yes yes
This is no no no

Credit: Mel’s Desk

SHAKER SONG: Shake it to the East
We used the egg shakers to do this song-so fun! I found this on the Jbrary Pinterest page along with many other storytime ideas. There is a board titled Egg Shaker Songs where you can watch a video demonstration of the song.

Credit: Jbrary Pinterest 

FLANNEL ACTIVITY: Big, Bigger, Biggest
A little ball, a bigger ball, and a great big ball I see,
Now help me count them out, one, two, three!

*We did this one a few times and got faster and faster with the rhyme- the kids loved it! I asked them what each ball was and the colors they saw.

Credit: Storytime Katie

photo 1

Animal Opposites (Pop-up Book) by Petr Horacek
Love this book!

CLOSING RHYME: Tickle the Clouds

CLOSING SONG: Skinnamarink

CRAFT: Happy & Sad Faces
Using small paper plates, googly eyes, and popsicle sticks we made happy and sad face masks!

photo 2

photo 3


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