Mustache Storytime!

I was so excited for mustache storytime this week! We started the morning off by wearing these stick-on mustaches from Amazon. Although they were a little big for my toddlers they loved wearing them and looked too cute.

photo (2)

OPENING SONG: Can’t Wait to Celebrate


BOOK 1: Mustache Baby by Bridget Heos

Here is my first attempt at making my own flannel rhyme…don’t laugh 🙂 There were not many mustache rhymes or stories out there so I decided to make up my own! The kids seemed to enjoyed it and laughed at how giant the mustache grew!

There once lived a man named Mr. Lou,
He had a mustache that grew, and grew, and GREW!

On Monday it was as tiny as his nose,
On Tuesday it was as wide as his smile.
On Wednesday it stretched as far as his ears.
On Thursday it was as long as his arms!

But on Friday Mr. Lou caught the flu… ACHOOO!
and off went the mustache into the air as it flew, flew, FLEW!


BOOK 2: Moosetache by Margie Palatini

BOOK 3: Mo’s Mustache by Ben Clanton

CRAFT: Mr. Potato Head
For craft this week we made our own Mr. Potato Head! You can find the mustache stickers HERE and the sticker eyes were found hidden in the storytime closet 🙂 A simple craft that everyone enjoyed!



14 thoughts on “Mustache Storytime!

  1. Love the idea! I’m planning a moustache storytime. So, I fiddled with your rhyme and this is what I came up with. We’ll have to see how it goes.
    “There once lived a boy named Billy Lou, he had a moustache that grew and grew.
    On Monday, it was as tiny as his nose, but all day long it grows and grows.
    By Tuesday, it was as wide as his smile, the hairs they seemed to grow by miles.
    On Wednesday, it stretched as far as his ears! Can you believe it? From here to here!
    Come Thursday, it reached the length of his arms, it really didn’t do any harm.
    But on Friday, Billy Lou caught the flu… ACHOOO!
    Off went the mustache and away it flew!”


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