Superhero Family Program!


After wrapping up Summer Reading, we wanted to start our fall programming with a BANG. What better way than to host a superhero family night!? This was a BLAST and I highly recommend doing it with your families 🙂


BOOK 1: Mighty Max by Harriet Ziefert
Mighty Max by Harriet Ziefert

BOOK 2: Superdog by Caralyn Buehner

Superdog by Caralyn Buehner


Superhero Capes: A co-worker found this idea on Pinterest- Use old t-shirts to make capes! This is SUPER easy and perfect for non-sewers like myself 🙂 To add some flare to the capes we added fun colored superhero logos! To make the logos we used felt and attached them to the capes using iron-on adhesive.  (We used Thermoweb Heat’n Bond Ultra Hold Iron-On Adhesive.)  These did take quite a bit of time to make, so plan ahead!

Instructions for Cape: The Southern Institute
Felt Superhero Logo Templates: Sugar Tot Designs

Superhero Capes made from Tshirts, Sunflower Storytime

Superhero Batman Cape, Sunflower Storytime

Superhero Library Program, Sunflower Storytime

Superhero Masks: To make the masks we used felt and yarn! Very easy but this also takes some time (depending on how many children you have coming). The kids loved that they were able to keep their masks and capes to play with that at home!

Mask Template: Ambrosia Girl


Superhero I.D. Tags: These awesome I.D. tags were found on RachelMoani. We set out glitter crayons, colored pencils, and superhero stickers for the kids to decorate their I.D. cards. It was fun for them to make up superhero names and powers! 

Superhero ID Card

Printable PDF File for I.D. Tags (6 per page): Superhero ID

Superhero Flying Pictures: This was so fun and the kids LOVED it!
1. Cover assortment of boxes (cereal, cracker, shoe, etc.) with black paper (these will be buildings).
2. Cut out different size windows using yellow paper and glue onto boxes.
3. Lay down blue blanket or sheet (this will be the sky).
4. Align boxes on the bottom of blue blanket.
5. Add white fiberfill or batting to use as clouds.
6. Print out Superhero props (Pow! Bam! Boom!) designed by Chirpy Threads

Superhero Photo Booth, Sunflower Storytime

Superhero Photo Booth, Sunflower Storytime

Superhero Powers! There were 2 different stations where the kids had to test their powers out!

*Practice your super power breath with bubbles- leave out bubbles for the kids to practice their super strength breath!

*Detonate the bombs before the villains set them off in the city- we had the volunteers blow up about 50 balloons for the kids to pop! For the smaller kids we had bubble wrap laid out for them to stomp on! This was by far their FAVORITE station!

Source: The Miller Memories

Superhero Library Program Sunflower Storytime, Practice your super-breath with bubbles!


Batman Cheese & Crackers- Leah found a bat cookie cutter on Amazon which we used to cut our cheese for the crackers. A simple snack that the whole group really liked!Batman Cheese and Crackers

BaNilla Sandwiches- We used a small dab of vanilla frosting on each vanilla wafer to “glue” the banana slice to the wafers. Roll sides of sandwich in sprinkles. Another tasty treat that all the superhero’s enjoyed!

Source: Culinary Couture

BaNilla Sandwiches for Superhero Program


12 thoughts on “Superhero Family Program!

  1. Such great ideas! I love the photo “booth” set up with the skyline. I’ll be doing a superhero party in January and will be trying that out! Did you just make the buildings with boxes?! Thanks! Cassie


    • Hi Cassie!

      We actually just used different size cereal and cracker boxes! Wrap them like a present with black paper 🙂



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  5. Fantastic. One question/need……any advice on taking best pictures on the floor. I would like our preschool to give these as gifts to Families on last day of school. Not sure if we need ladder to take best picture.


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