Gnomes & Fairies Storytime

Week 4 of Summer Reading is all about the magical world of Gnomes & Fairies!


OPENING SONG: Shakin’ Everywhere by Jim Gill from the album Irrational Anthem & More Salutes to Nonsense

BOOK 1: The Little Gnome by Sheri Fink
This book is about a little gnome noticing the changes each season brings to his garden!

BOOK 2: A Little Fairy Magic by Julia Hubery
A mouse pretends to be a fairy and wishes to have magic to fly, cast spells, and help others!


BOOK 3: The Mole Sisters and the Fairy Ring by Roslyn Schwartz
 The mole sisters become fairy moles and dance around the fairy ring!

This book is a bit small to read to a large group so I blew some of the pictures up on the copier and hung them on the flannel board. The story is short with few words so you can also tell it using finger puppets. We even dressed ours up like fairies just like they do in the book  🙂 We purchased these mole sisters finger puppets  from Amazon ( Note: mole sisters were sold separately, not as a set).

Leah made this flannel earlier in the summer and we knew it would be perfect for this week:) It is adorable -the group loved finding the hiding gnomes!

Five tiny gnomes in little cloth suits, Wearing funny hats and pointy boots. When the sun has gone to sleep, The gnomes come out to play hide-and-seek.

The first gnome ducked behind an old wooden door.
The second one nestled into grass growing on the forest floor.
The third one climbed a tall, tall tree.
The fourth one crawled in a log where no one could see.
The fifth gnome hid under a mushroom cap, Where he decided to take a nap.

Five tiny gnomes in little cloth suits, Wearing funny hats and pointy boots Once the sun rises up in the sky, The gnomes head home and they all say “Goodbye.”

Credit: Sunflower Storytime

5 gnomes

Gnome Template

Gnome Hiding Places Template

CRAFT: Paper Plate Toadstools
These toadstools ended up being a hit with the kids (us too- very inexpensive)! To make the mushrooms, we used red paper plates, green popsicle sticks, and cotton balls. You could also substitute the cotton balls for white pom-poms. We had a volunteer help paint the popsicle sticks green- I used 2 per mushroom. Make sure the plates are paper so they are easier to cut in half 🙂

Credit: Crafty Ville


2 thoughts on “Gnomes & Fairies Storytime

  1. We used your post as an inspiration for our own “Gnomes and Fairies” Story time this week (October 7, 2014) at the Canton Public Library in Connecticut! Thanks for all fun, we had a delightful experience!


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