Underground Animals Storytime

Can you believe it’s already week 3 of Summer Reading? We can’t! Time flies when you’re having fun 🙂 This week we learned all about burrowing, underground animals!


OPENING SONG: Shakin’ Everywhere by Jim Gill from the album Irrational Anthem & More Salutes to Nonsense

BOOK 1: Mole Babies by David Bedford
Such a cute story about a father’s love for his mole babies 🙂

BOOK 2: Ouch! by Ragnhild Scamell

A great way to tell this story is with this hedgehog puppet found on Amazon – the children loved it 🙂

BOOK 3: UnderGROUND by Denise Fleming

We chanted this verse as we looked for the hiding hedgehog!

Hedgehog Hedgehog hiding all day,
Hedghehog Hedgehog come out to play!

When we didn’t find the hedgehog, we found other burrowing animals hiding!
The soil & dirt- Worm
The grassy hill- Groundhog
The dark cave- Fox

The hedgehog was eventually found under the leaves! This was perfect because in the previous story, Ouch!, the hedgehog made a nest out of leaves to sleep in!

Credit: Ideas came from Notes from the Story Room

GAME: Groundhog Holes
This is a modified game of musical chairs! Cut out large circles from brown construction paper for each person in your group. When the music plays, each child must walk around the “groundhog holes”. When the music stops everyone must sit or crouch down in their hole. Continue on with the game, taking one away each time, until there is a groundhog winner! We played this with several different age groups and it was a hit!

Credit: Perpetual Preschool

CRAFT: Handprint Hedgehogs
Although they may be a bit messy, they are too cute! Prep and set-up for this craft was very easy. Have templates of the hedgehog copied and ready to go so all the children have to do is handprint!
Credit: Engage Today


Handprint Hedgehog

Click to Download Handprint Hedgehog Template (pdf)

5 thoughts on “Underground Animals Storytime

  1. And here I thought I had my “Vivacious Varmints” story time for later in July all planned per the SRP manual. Thanks to your great ideas, I am changing up some of my books and I’m using the flannel board game. Thank you for sharing. I know my story time will be better than what I had planned.


    • It looks like the link from the original source is no longer active. Thanks for letting me know! I just made and posted a hedgehog template that you can use.


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