Discovering DINOS

Since Summer Reading is in full swing I thought I would share an awesome school age program we did last week. We stuck with our theme for the week and discovered dinosaurs!



Dinosaur Myths Activity: This is an awesome article (with pictures) that uncovers myths, facts, and secrets about dinosaurs. The article is called “Top 10 Dinosaurs That Aren’t What They Were”. It is found here on ListVerse.  This was a great opening activity that got the group excited to learn more about dinosaurs!


Dinosaur Skeleton: This craft was SO fun and turned out really cool. Everyone was able to make their own dinosaur skeletons using pasta and coffee!

– Penne Pasta
-Coffee Grounds

1. Print outline of dinosaur onto cardstock. (You will need heavy paper because the pasta and coffee will weigh it down).
2. Glue the pasta on the outline.
3. Let pasta outline dry
4. Cover the surrounding area with a glue/water mixture. ( We mixed glue and water together and then had the children paint on the mixture using paintbrushes)
5. Cover with coffee ground and dump off excess.

Credit & Instructions: Loving My Nest
Skeleton Template: Loving My Nest




BBC: Prehistoric Planet DVD: This was a great movie to show to the group while we waited on our skeletons to dry. This movie is narrated by Ben Stiller and has 6 different 20-minute episodes. The movie segments range from “Dawn of the Dinosaur” to “Death of the Dinosaur”. My group voted to watched “Jurassic Beach” and “Jurassic Giant”. Very informative and fun!


Dinosaur Trail Mix: We found this fun (and healthy) snack idea from Creativity Takes Flight. The mix includes everything DINO! A great snack to watching during the movie 🙂

Twigs & Sticks – Pretzel Sticks
Berries- Raisins & Craisins
Dinosaur Foot Prints- Honeycomb Cereal



3 thoughts on “Discovering DINOS

  1. Hi Mollie! Thank you for posting this program! The dino myths and facts are great, and I think the craft will work well for my K-2 grade group.


  2. I would love to know how you translated the Dinosaur Myths article to an activity, as I’ll be doing a Dinosaurology program this summer. I love the blog, by the way!


    • We put the pictures into a slide show (powerpoint) and asked the kids to name the dinosaur. Most could recognize and name the dinosaurs based on the first picture. Then we showed the second (updated) pictures and shared a few of the newer findings about each….”did you know that scientists today think that the Velociraptor was actually covered in feathers like a large chicken?!”


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