Summer Reading – ‘Dig Into Reading’ Ideas

Even though it still feels like winter…it’s already time to start preparing for Summer Reading!  Our library participates in the Collaborative Summer Reading Program, and this year’s theme is “Dig Into Reading.”

DIG-into-Reading Summer Reading Ideas

At first, I thought it was going to be all dirt and worms (which I actually like ☺) but there are so many different directions this can go!  Dinosaurs…buried treasure…gnomes & fairies…..I’m getting excited.2013kidsposter

Here are some storytime themes and ideas to get you started:

Ants & Bugs & Ladybugs

We have already picked up an ant farm to have out during the summer or to give away as a prize.  Did you know that you can also buy glow-in-the-dark ant farms & rainbow sand ant farms?  You can purchase the farms now, and then you order the ants through the mail when you are ready to set it up (but you have to wait until it warms up to order the ants….you don’t want them to freeze in the mail!)


Dinosaurs & More Dinosaurs

We have ordered these jumbo inflatable dinosaurs and these dinosaur dangling swirls.  The swirls will hang from the ceiling over the children’s check-out desk, and I’m not sure about the inflatable dinosaurs…but they were just too cool to pass up.  I seriously want this T-rex or this life-size standup poster, but they are a little pricey.

Gardening & More Gardening & Flowers

one mole

Mud and Dirt

A library near us has worm races each year (and they have a huge turnout!)  It was the first I had ever heard of it, but we are going to try having worms races this summer at the library.  Here’s a youtube video of worm races & here’s a youtube video about worm races from the Texas State Library.  Make sure to have prizes for the winners!

garden wigglers

Owls & More Owls

Did you know there is such a thing as a burrowing owl?  I didn’t until recently.  I couldn’t figure out why I kept seeing owls as related to the summer reading theme…I’m always learning something new!  You could include owls as part of a theme on “burrowing animals.”  And how cute is this burrowing owl puppet?

burrowing owl

Buried Treasure & Pirates


Magic Treasure Rocks – This is by far one of the coolest ideas I’ve seen for buried treasure – from Growing a Jeweled Rose.  These rocks are made from baking soda, food coloring and glitter.  Hide a treasure inside of each rock and then bury them in the dirt.  When kids find them, they spray them with vinegar and the rocks fizz and disappear, leaving the treasure!  I want to do this!  Seriously. Amazing.

Trucks: Construction & excavation equipment

tip tip dig dig

Gnomes & Fairies

We have put together some great gnome and fairy storytime ideas for you, so make sure to check out our Gnome and Fairy Storytime Ideas Post!  We’ve even created a rhyme and gnome flannel board template.

I also think having one of these gnome doors in the library would be too cute.  And for a craft we’ll have the kids make fairy gardens or terrariums.

gnome door

For more ideas, check out our Summer Reading Pinterest board!

…..we are continually pinning new ideas!

SRP2013 Pinterest

That’s all for now storytime friends!  What do YOU have planned for summer at the library?

❤ Leah

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