DIY: Glitter Glass Ornaments


I made these glitter  ornaments for an adult arts & crafts program, but they are so simple and “no-fail” that I think they would be a really fun project to do with school-age children.  And the best part is that the glitter is INSIDE the ornament!  Once they are finished there is no mess!  Hooray!


1. Clear ornaments.  I used glass, but I think plastic would work too.  I purchased mine at Michael’s with a 40% off coupon.

2. Glitter.  The cheap craft stuff that comes in the huge jars is just fine.  I actually liked it better than the crazy-expensive glitter that comes in an itty-bitty jar.

And the super secret ingredient…..

3. Pledge floor wax.  Yes you read that correctly.  This stuff is cheap and comes in a huge bottle at Walmart.  You could make hundreds of ornaments using just one bottle.  Craft stores sell expensive ornament glue.  Don’t buy it.  Pledge works just as well!

**December 2013 Update:  The product formerly known as Pledge® Tile & Vinyl Floor Finish with Future Shine is now Pledge® Floor Care Multi-Surface Finish.  If you’d rather try to the product made specifically for ornaments, it is called Glitter-It, made by Beacon Adhesives.

4. Optional: Rubbing alcohol, ribbon for hanging the ornaments, scrapbook stickers & glass glitter paint for decorating the outsides of the ornaments.



1. Rinse the inside of your ornaments with alcohol to clean out any dust and debris.  Let them dry out for a few minutes.

2. Pour some Pledge floor wax into your ornament and swirl it around.  Make sure you coat the whole inside of the ornament.


3. Dump out the extra Pledge. (It’s good to have a bowl to dump your pledge and glitter into as you go.)


3. Pour a healthy amount of glitter into your ornament.  Having a funnel makes it much easier.  If you don’t have a funnel, roll up a piece of paper and use it.


4. Swirl your glitter around the inside of the ornament, coating the entire inside.  Add more glitter if needed.  And if you don’t want to swirl – Shake!



5. Dump out any extra glitter.


6. You are finished!  Admire your work of art 🙂



Add pretty ribbon to hang your ornaments.

Purchasing scrapbooking stickers is a very easy and mess free way to decorate the outside of the ornaments.  I found some snowflakes that I really liked to use on mine.  If you choose stickers, children will be able to carry their ornaments home with them that day – no need to let them dry!

If you want to get a little bit more involved, you can purchase glass paint to decorate the outside of the ornaments.  I bought some Martha Stewart glitter glass paint (This paint was most expensive part of the project!)  To make polka dots, dip the eraser of a pencil in the paint and dot away.

Martha also makes glass paint with a tip that you can write with.  You can write individuals names, the year, “first christmas,” etc. on the ornaments to make them personal.  (I made ornaments for all of my co-workers this year with their names on them.)


9 thoughts on “DIY: Glitter Glass Ornaments

  1. Very pretty and looks fun to do! My mom had me pick some clear ornaments up at Michaels on my way to visit her. She wanted to try this crafts.


  2. How does this ornament last using the Pledge? Does the glitter start to fall off after the first Christmas? I’m looking forward to making some this year!


    • I just decorated my tree last night and hung five of the glitter ornaments I made last year – They look just as good as when I first made them! The pledge and glitter held up really well, and I expect to have them for many years to come. (Some of the glitter will fall off if you drop an ornament on the ground however….if the glass doesn’t break first…ask me how I know…)


  3. It looks as though Pledge isn’t making that exact product this year. I bought the Floor Care Multi-Surface Finish. Hopefully that will work. It says it’s for tile & vinyl floors.


    • Thanks for pointing this out! Pledge seems to rename their floor care products every few years. Pledge says that “the product formerly known as Pledge® Tile & Vinyl Floor Finish with Future Shine is now Pledge® Floor Care Multi-Surface Finish.” So you should be good with the product that you purchased! However, if you’d rather try the glue made specifically for ornaments, it’s called Glitter-It. I’ve added a link in the blog post.


  4. I love doing crafts myself, I am disabled myself dear, but had, a couple of boxes of clear, Christmas bulbs, and I want to tell you how beautiful, they really do look sweetheart.This seems to be an easier way, of saving money, plus I have reefs, flower arrangements, beautiful 14 and half inch, tall wooden crosses, I decorate myself, I’ve made over I know, at least over 300 or if not more, and I have to sell these things ASAP.But I am on facebook, and would love to share with you,some easy ideals, on how to really save money, if your in a really bad situation, as I am myself darling too.To make out of things,you had no clue, that you can use, and make really beautiful items yourself.Onething real fast, is a placemat, or a old pictire out of a calender, such as a picture of a wolfe, I take a picture frame, and use it for it to make pictures , like this. No one, even know’s, that these are either actually a picture out of a old calender, or a place mat and put poster paper in the back ground, and then add flower’s on the front of the picture frame, and trust me, you will be so amazed actually how really beautiful, some of these things turn out also.Good luck, thanks for sharing, your ideal, and the best to you, over the holidays , and God bless you , as well as your loved ones too, Take care, Joyce Welcher.


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