OPENING SONG: If You’re Happy and You Know It


BOOK 1: Fly Blankie Fly by Anne Margaret Lewis

FINGERPLAY: Here is a Baby
Here is a baby (index finger)
Ready for a nap
Lay her down in her mother’s lap. (place finger in palm)
Cover her up so she won’t peek; (curl fingers around index finger)
Rock her till she’s fast asleep. (rock)

Credit: Perry Public Library

ACTION SONG: Dance to Bed, You Sleepy Head
by Shana Banana from the album Banana Bedtime
Great dance song that gives you specific actions to do! Mom’s will want it for real bedtime at home 🙂

ACTION RHYME: This is the Way We…
Use scarves to pretend getting ready for bed! Our next book was about getting ready for bed so this was a perfect activity for the group to do. They loved this and chimed in with what we should wash next!
This is the way we wash our face, wash our face, wash our face.
(rub scrunched scarf on face)
This is the way we wash our face,
When we get ready for bed.
—Wash our toes
—Wash our knees
—Wash our tummy

Templates are available from
Ten in the bed and the little one said “Roll over, Roll over!”

BOOK 2: Cornelius P. Mud, Are You Ready for Bed?
by Barney Saltzberg

ClOSING RHYME: Tickle the Clouds

CLOSING SONG: Skinnamarink

CRAFT: Sleeping Teddy Bear!
This craft was too cute. First, cut out a teddy bear template from clker. Then to make the beds, I stapled folded pieces of felt together! The kids colored the teddy bears and then put them to bed 🙂

Credit: Miss Sarah Storytime


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