A Halloween Family Night


Last night we held a Halloween Family Night!  We had about 40 people attend and all of the kids came in costume.  (And of course, Miss Mollie and I were in costume as well – we were Minnie Mouse & Little Red Riding Hood.)


To begin the program, we had the children take a seat on the floor and, one at a time, stand up and tell us about their costume.  If they didn’t want to say who they were dressed up as, we all guessed.  I think they enjoyed getting to show off their costumes 🙂

Then we read Brooms are for Flying by Michael Rex.  I wanted a quick book with lots of actions that would keep the groups attention, and this one fit the bill.


Next, we lined up and went trick-or-treating in the library.  Of course, we had to practice saying “trick-or-treat” very loudly first.  We stopped at both service desks and took a group picture along the way.  (We chose to give out stickers and spider rings instead of candy.)


Once trick-or-treating was finished, it was time to party!  Mollie and I set up several different stations around the room so that everyone didn’t have to do the same thing at the same time.

Station #1:  Crafts
For the craft we made very simple trick-or-treat bags.  We set out brown paper sacks, Halloween foam stickers, and crayons.  No mess.  No glue. No cutting.  And then the children had a sack to take their treats home in!

Station #2: Mystery Boxes
For this station, Mollie covered three boxes in Halloween paper and cut a hole in each one.  Then she hot glued some felt over the opening so that the kids couldn’t peek at was really in the box.  Box 1 was labeled “Eyeballs” and inside was a bowl of peeled grapes.  Box 2 was labeled “Tongues” and inside was a bowl of dried apricots.  Box 3 was labeled “Brains” and inside was a bowl of spaghetti noodles.  We asked the kids to try to guess what was really in each box – and they loved it!    (Having wet wipes out on the table was a must for wiping off sticky fingers.)

Station #3: Witch’s Hat Ring Toss Game
We stuffed a witches hat with newspapers and then tapes a piece of cardstock over the opening to keep the newspapers in.  Mollie made “rings” by twisting two chenille sticks together.
Credit: A Girl and a Glue Gun

Station #4: Food
We served clementines, grapes, Halloween cookies, Halloween snack mix (recipe below), and Creepy Halloween punch (recipe below).

Halloween Snack Mix
1 bag pretzel sticks
1 bag corn chips
2 bags candy corn
1 bag candy pumpkins
1 bag fall colored M&M’s

Creepy Halloween PunchCredit: 7 Layer Studio
1 can frozen lemonade (I used Minute Maid)
2 cans water
1 pkg black cherry Koolaid
1/2 c sugar
2-liter bottle of Ginger Ale
Lots of ice
Gummy worms to drape over the sides of the bowl
Floating eyeballs (these seriously make the punch cool!)

❤ Leah

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