THEME: Stars
Start out by asking some “star” questions.  I asked: “Where do we find stars?”  If the children have trouble, you can say “Do we find them on the ground, or in the sky?”  Then ask, “When do we see stars?”  Again, if they have trouble, you can ask “Do we see them in the morning when the sun is out?  Or at night when the moon is out?”  My group had no trouble with these questions, so we moved right on to our first book….

BOOK 1: Stars by Marla Frazee
“What if you could have a star?”  You could cut one from paper and put it in your pocket.  You could do all sorts of things with it – like being a sheriff or using it for a magic wand.  This book also reminds us of small wonders…snowflakes, blowing a million dandelion seeds into the air, and sparkling green moss.

This book leads perfectly into the next song.  The book talks about cutting out paper stars and putting them in your pocket – and the chorus to the song is “catch a falling star and put it in your pocket.”

ACTION SONG: Catch a Falling Star
from On My Way to Dreamland by Kathy Reid-Naiman

I had stars cut out of yellow construction paper to hand out to everyone.  Then we used them to dance to this song:

Catch a falling star (reach up high with your star)
And put it in your pocket; (bring it down to your pocket – hands on thighs)
Never let it fade away. (shake finger “no”)
Catch a falling star (reach up high with your star)
And put it in your pocket; (bring it down to your pocket – hands on thighs)
Save it for a rainy day. (hold star to chest with both hands)

During the verses, we spun in a circle with our stars, touched them to the ground, our elbows, our noses, and slowly brought them all the way to the ground at the end.

BOOK 2/FLANNEL BOARD: Five Wishing Stars by Treesha Runnels
This is a board book, so it is much too small to read to a large audience.  I had luck doing this before (with Chickie: Stop and Go), so I decided to try scanning the pictures, enlarging them, printing them, and using it as a flannel board.  It worked splendidly! The pictures did not look distorted, and everyone could see.

At night I see the twinkling stars (wiggle fingers)
And the great big shining moon (arms overhead in circle)
My mama tucks me into bed (fists under chin)
And sings this goodnight tune…
(Sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)

 CRAFT: Star Wands
These were purchased from Oriental Trading.  The children glued and colored them.

5 thoughts on “Stars

  1. I will use this during SRP for my Tiny Tots group – will go great with the Dream Big-Read theme. Thanks so much!


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