Flannel Friday’s  Mushy Gushy Valentine Extravaganza saved me this week!   My LOVE storytime is really just a bunch of borrowed ideas from the amazing Flannel Friday contributors….and it was SO MUCH FUN!  A storytime all about LOVE really just can’t go wrong.


RHYME: Two Little Lovebirds

As suggested by Andrea at rovingfiddlehead, I changed up our familiar “Two Little Blackbirds,” and instead did “Two Little Lovebirds.”  These love bird finger puppets were so easy to make – two zips around the sewing machine and they were finished.  Why don’t I do this more often?

BOOK 1: Guess How Much I Love You: Pop-Up  by Sam McBratney
I have always loved this book, but somehow it has always seemed to fall a little flat as a read aloud for toddlers.  Pop-up edition to the rescue!  I loved this pop-up so much I had to purchase it for myself.  It is amazing. Get it. Read it. Share it.  You won’t be disappointed.


I put my hands together, (hands together like praying)
This is how I start
I curve my fingers right around, (curl fingertips; pull palms slightly apart)
And I can make a heart!
Credit: Perpetual Preschool

FLANNEL RHYME: Five Little Kisses

This incredibly cute flannel rhyme comes from Katie at Storytime SecretsCheck out her blog for all of the words and instructions.

I have five kisses that I want to give away.
Who should I kiss this Valentine’s Day?
I’ll kiss ___________!

The wonderful part about this rhyme is that you can “kiss” anyone.  Like Katie, I had some flannel board family members ready to use.  My group loved blowing lots of kisses!

You can find the kiss clipart on clker: KISS CLIPART

ACTION SONG: Heart Freeze Dance
The idea of a Heart Freeze Dance comes from Jennifer, the Silly Librarian.  I bought a pack of heart doilies at the dollar store, and handed them out to everyone at storytime.  Once everyone had their heart, I turned on Jim Gill’s Silly Dance Contest (from the album Jim Gill Sings the Sneezing Song and Other Contagious Tunes).  During every “freeze,” we held our paper hearts over our heads.


BOOK 2: Be Mine, Be Mine, Sweet Valentine by Sarah Weeks
A fun, simple guessing game, Be Mine, Be Mine, Sweet Valentine, is the perfect read aloud.  Each two-page spread has a simple rhyme that has readers guessing each of the animal’s valentine gifts.  “Be mine, be mine, I’m yours alone.  Valentine, for you a …….bone!”

This one is simple enough for toddlers, but preschoolers will enjoy the challenge of trying to figure out the rhyming word hidden behind each foldout.  And it’s great rhyming practice!

CLOSING SONG: Now It’s Time to Say Goodbye to All Our Friends

ACTIVITY: Matching Hearts

I found the printable hearts on Pinterest for this activity.  I held up one half of a heart and asked the kids to help me find the match.

matching hearts 1Matching hearts 2

CRAFT: Love Bugs
We turned red, paper hearts into Valentine Love Bugs!  My Love Bug template.

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