Dinosaur ROAR


It was wonderful to be back with all of my storytime friends after being gone for threeee looong weeeks!  We had so much fun pretending to be dinosaurs (roaring, stomping, clawing, etc.)  at storytime today.  Even the boys who sit in the waaay back were loving storytime.  And even though my voice was hoarse for the rest of the day, it was completely worth all of the fun ROOOOOAAAAAARRS!



BOOK 1: Dinosaur Vs. Bedtime By Bob Shea

FLANNEL SONG: Five Dinosaurs
Printable pattern available from Mel’s Desk here

(Tune: 5 little ducks went out to play, over the hills…..)
One dinosaur went out to play
On a giant fern one day
She had such enormous fun
That she called for another dinosaur to come:
Raise hands and call loudly: Oh Diiiiiiiiiiiinosaur!
Slap hands on thighs to make “running” sounds.

Two dinosaurs went out to play….
Three dinosaurs…
Four dinosaurs….

Five dinosaurs went out to play
On a giant fern one day
They had such enormous fun
That they played until the day was done!
The End (Clap! Clap!)

ACTION SONG: All Around the Swamp
Tune: The Wheels on the Bus
Pteranodon’s (Tear-ann-owe-dons) wings went flap, flap, flap
Flap, flap, flap
Flap, flap, flap
Pteranodon’s wings went flap, flap, flap
All around the swamp.

Triceratop’s horns went poke, poke, poke…
Apatosaurus’ (Ap-at-owe-sore-uss) mouth went munch, munch, munch…..

BOOK 2: Dinosaur Roar! by Paul Stickland

ACTION SONG/CD: We Are the Dinosaurs
by Laurie Berkner
March in a circle like dinosaurs (stomp, make claws with hands).  Then stop to eat, march, stop to sleep, march, ROAR!


from Old Town School of Folk’s album, “Songs for Wiggleworms”

CRAFT: Stand up Dinosaur
This fun dino craft is from KidsSoup.com.  To make it, cut out dinosaur shapes from construction paper or cardstock (cardstock would work better, but I only had construction paper and it worked just fine!)  Cut out dots from construction paper to decorate your dino.  Cut toilet paper rolls in half, and cut slits on the top to hold up your paper dinosaur. Print template here

A big Thank You to Mel’s Desk for many of the ideas for this awesome storytime!

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