Blanket Stories


Everyone brought their own soft, cuddly blankets to storytime today.  Below you will find what we did in storytime today……Get ready for some warm and fuzzy stories that will make you smile!


Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie’ by Carole Peterson
Start out hiding under your blanket….and then pop out – Surprise!


With little ones, you can march your fingers up and down your child’s arm, or you can bounce them on your knees.  This was the second week doing this rhyme.  We did it three times, getting progressively faster with each repetition.
The grand old duke of York (start sitting down)
He had 10,000 men
First he marched them UP the hill (stand up)
Then he marched them DOWN again (crouch down)
And when you’re UP you’re up (stand up)
And when you’re DOWN you’re down (crouch down)
And when you’re only half-way UP (crouch half-way)
You’re neither UP nor DOWN (stand up and then sit down quickly)

BOOK 1: Flora’s Blanket by Debi Gliori
Flora can’t find her blanket anywhere – not in the sandbox, not in the fridge, not in the cellar.  Sleepy Flora finally snuggles into her parents’ bed and finds….her special blanket.

RHYME: Fuzzy Blanket
I have a fuzzy blanket
To snuggle in at night
I wrap it all around me
And pull it warm and tight!

FINGERPLAY:Fuzzy Wuzzy Caterpillar
Fuzzy Wuzzy Caterpillar
Into a corner will creep  (creep fingers up arm)
He’ll spin himself a blanket (roll hands)
And then fall fast asleep  (rest head, close eyes)

Fuzzy, wuzzy caterpillar
Very soon will rise  (wake up)
And find he has grown beautiful wings (connect thumbs and flap hands like wings)
Now he’s a butterfly!

ACTION SONG/CD: Don’t Wash My Blanket by Hap Palmer
Chorus: Adult and child hold ends of blanket and slowly shake it up and down
Verse: Adult and child hold ends of blanket and turn in circle
This also works with a small group of children holding onto one blanket.

Blankie by Leslie Patricelli

CLOSING SONG: Wave Goodbye Like This

CRAFT: Animal with blanket in pocket.  To make this craft:

  1. Print  animal printable here
  2. Print  pocket and blanket pattern here
  3. Cut out pocket from paper and glue pocket to tummy
  4. Cut out blanket from fabric (preferably something soft!) and tuck it into the pocket.
  5. Glue on eyes, and color/decorate as desired (cotton balls make a fluffy tummy!)

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